emporio analytics | enabling data-driven shopper marketing | Solutions
emporio analytics harnesses the power of big data and gain new insights with retail analytics to boost your business productivity and margins to levels you never thought possible.
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emporio analytics provides a full suite of solutions for Retailers and Consumer Goods Brands to enable Analytics-Driven Shopper Marketing – ranging from Analytical Consulting, Data Integration Services and Platforms to Training and Retail/Manufacturer Collaboration Program.

Integrated Shopper Marketing Intelligence

A platform to integrate various Shopper Marketing Data Feeds into one unified exploration view, supported by a dedicated data strategy.

State-of-the-Art Analytical Consulting

A team of experienced Data Scientist and Shopper Marketings Consultants delivering proven methodologies in the area of Analytics-Driven Shoppper Marketing.


Shopper Marketing Collaboration Program

A managed service to enable Insights Sharing and Shopper Marketing Collaboration between Retailer and Manufacturer.