emporio analytics | enabling data-driven shopper marketing | Targeted Shopper Communication
emporio analytics harnesses the power of big data and gain new insights with retail analytics to boost your business productivity and margins to levels you never thought possible.
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Marketing Analytics is the process of tracking, measuring and analyzing the performance of your marketing efforts. Without it, marketers are unable to efficiently monitor and react quickly to follow up with their marketing efforts. If your company has not started any marketing analytics capabilities because it is difficult to implement depending on your company’s current culture, technology and resources. In emporio, we could help to establish tools and this will benefit you as follows:

Building a Shopper Program

The key enabler for a successful Shopper Marketing is an attractive Shopper Program, usually in the format of Retailers Loyalty Card Programme. A successful progam helps to build loyalty, understand Shopper Behavior in depth and enabling 1:1 Shopper Communication. A program should be attractive to Shoppers and thus needs a carefully designed Value Proposition and Experience Concept.

Attracting new Shoppers

Acquiring customers is still a top importance for most marketing personnel. Since acquiring one new customer is more expensive than retaining one, we could leverage on predictive analytics and targeting customers who are more likely to respond to your marketing efforts. This will greatly reduce your costs and risk. 

Growing the Shopper Lifetime Value

Marketers usually grow the sales of existing customers through cross-sell or up-sell. This is to make your existing customer more valuable and profitable. Targeting the right customer with the right offer. Success Cross-selling of products leads to stronger customer loyalty and support. Predictive analytics helps to get the right offer to the right consumers at the right time. Customer marketing aims to cover the touchpoints of a customers’ lifetime journey. In each touchpoints, retailers identifies the customers’ needs 

Win-back Shoppers

Every retailer will experience situations when long-time and new customers who no longer purchase at your stores. This could be due to the competitive environment as well as the changing consumers’ preferences.  Keeping a customers is less expensive than acquiring a new customer. Predictive analytics allows you to see warning signs of churning customer and intersect before they churn. This will reduce the number of customers who are planning or unintentionally leaving you.


By harnessing the power of in-depth analytics. We help you improve your business efficiency by improving availability, identify sources of shrinkages, and minimise your inventory.