emporio analytics | enabling data-driven shopper marketing | Shopper-Centric Category Tactics
emporio analytics harnesses the power of big data and gain new insights with retail analytics to boost your business productivity and margins to levels you never thought possible.
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Enhancing the Shopping Experience through Advanced Analytics

Every Customer Touchpoint in an Retail Environment has an impact on the overall shopping experience and needs to be carefully designed. To win Shoppers Loyalty during their purchase trip, key areas like Store (or Website) Layout, Product Assortment, Pricing or Promotion Strategy must be aligned with the actual needs and behavior of the Shoppers – taking into consideration different Customer Profiles, Store Clusters or Shopping Missions. Data Analytics enables shopper-centric management of those Retail Tactics as it provides insights on differnet shopper types and their behavior.

Category Management.

We provide category management expertise to retailers. We track, measure and identify cross/up-sell opportunities to drive transactions and baskets sizes through well-planned assortments. We also support joint-collaboration between manufacturers and retailers by providing shopper insights and refinancing support for retailers 

Product Development.

We support product development from identifying opportunities to product launches. We use our expertise to develop insight into the client’s brands relative to competitors for private-label development strategy. We also help clients to improve and sustain performance by enabling R&D capability with analytics and insights.

Pricing and Promotion Optimization

We help to create more profitable retailer offers by providing actionable insights on pricing and promotions. We can quickly identify what promotions are likely to be successful and dramatically improve the time-to-market of launches. We also help you to determine the optimum price mix by measuring the effectiveness of pricing decisions and identifying key trends.


By harnessing the power of in-depth analytics. We help you improve your business efficiency by improving availability, identify sources of shrinkages, and minimise your inventory.