emporio analytics | enabling data-driven shopper marketing | Analytics-Driven Shopper Marketing
emporio analytics harnesses the power of big data and gain new insights with retail analytics to boost your business productivity and margins to levels you never thought possible.
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Driven by Digitalization the way Retailers and Brands need to engage with their Shoppers has changed dramatically. Shoppers today expect personalised and relevant communication along the Path to Purchase. Data Analytics allow Shopper Marketeers to become personal again by learning about Shopper Behavior and implementing targeted actions. Learn about how Data Analytics can be used in Shopper Communication, Retail Tactics and Retail Operations.

  • Targeted Shopper Communication

    Big Data-Driven Shopper Segmentation, Scoring and Next Best Offer to better understand shoppers and engage with personal relevant offers.

  • Shopper-Centric In-Store Tactics

    Insights from Data Analytics helps to align your merchandising strategy with the needs of your shopper. Create real shopper-centric Assortments, Placements, Pricings, Promotions and more.

  • Operations Analytics

    Improve multi-chain store operations through improved availability, identifying sources of shrinkage and minimizing inventory holdings.